A Great Day With Pastor and Mrs. David Smith

We had a great day yesterday in church as Pastor David Smith and his precious wife, Sharon, came to Cornerstone. They were such a blessing. Pastor Smith pastored for 36 years and was able to bring much wisdom to the pulpit! In Sunday School, he taught on prayer, and in particular gave a great illustration on how God resists the proud and how He blesses those who are “poor in spirit.” In the Sunday morning message, he preached on the subject of memorials, using Joshua chapter 4 as his text. He gave us 12 memorials that we should remember in our spiritual lives….great message! In the evening service he preached a great message on faith. My, how each of us need to move from “no faith” and “little faith” to “great faith!” Mrs. Smith was also a great blessing as she ministered to the ladies. She gave countless examples of how she and her husband have seen the Lord work and bless in their lives. We are looking forward to having them with us again in the future!