It’s about a relationship, not a religion

Everyone wants a life of hope, meaning, and real love — but many people are struggling to find it, and most are done with “religion.” Cornerstone is home to many people who have discovered a flourishing personal relationship with God through Jesus. We invite you to discover the same journey by visiting soon. Don’t miss the joy of taking a truthful and careful look at the real message of Jesus.

What to Expect

Visiting a church can be intimidating. Whether you have never been to church before, or you are seeking a new church to attend, you can relax! You’ll find that Cornerstone is full of real people that are journeying through life, just like you. Expect friendly people, God-honoring music, and a practical message from the Bible. Come visit us in any one of our services!

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Our Vision & Beliefs

Our core beliefs at Cornerstone are taken from the Bible. We believe we're here to love and worship God, grow together in our knowledge and love of him and his Word, and to serve and love others with the love God has given us.

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Ed Prescott

Our Pastor

Pastor Ed & Pattie

Life has its ups and downs! For the last 20 years, Pattie and I have enjoyed serving others through the good times and the bad, helping them find comfort, peace and joy that can only come through a relationship with Jesus. We would love to meet you this Sunday and encourage you on your spiritual journey in God’s grace!

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...Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.
- Ephesians 2:20

What's Next?

Next Steps

Start your spiritual growth journey today

Believe in Jesus

Most people think that following Jesus is about reforming your personal behavior, becoming religious, and following a list of rules to earn God’s favor and forgiveness. This was not at all the message of Jesus. His message was about receiving forgiveness and eternal life as a gift of God—by grace through faith. It all happens when you choose to believe! Download this free eBook today to learn more about the greatest gift God gave to man through Jesus and how you can receive it!

Follow in Baptism

Baptism is the next step, after belief, for any serious follower of Jesus. Baptism is like a wedding ring—it’s an outward sign of an inward decision. It’s a decision to publicly identify that Jesus is your personal Saviour. Have you recently placed your trust in Jesus to save you? Then let us help you plan a time to be baptized soon.

Connect With Believers

In life we all need authentic, loving friends who encourage and value us, and who cheer us on the journey of spiritual growth. Emmanuel is a place where diverse people are following Jesus together—they are connecting through meaningful relationships and building lifelong friendships. People of every life-stage have a group where they can grow as devoted followers of Jesus.