So much to be thankful for

I love Thanksgiving!  It is an awesome time to reflect on all the blessing of the Lord!  Every year the President of the United States gives an honorary pardon to some lucky turkey who will spend the rest of his entire life in retirement on a farm, forever safe from harm.  The other day we had two wild turkeys in our back yard.  Rather than putting them on the Thanksgiving table, I, too,  extended a pardon.  They soon wandered off into the woods, free and safe from harm.  I don’t think the turkeys ever knew the potential danger they were in, never mind being thankful to be allowed to go free.  This year, as I consider these turkeys, I am reminded of the pardon God extended to me!  It is not because I am lucky, but because I am loved of God, so much so that He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for me.  That alone is enough to be thankful this Thanksgiving!