An Exciting New Year Ahead

2012 has been an exciting year with lots of changes for us.  Last year at this time, I put up a post calling for the end of insanity–doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  We made a decision this year to pursue another building and take steps of faith to trust the Lord to guide and provide.  It was definitely out of our comfort zone to do it, but God constantly is proving Himself worthy to be trusted!


Gutting the bathroom!

By the grace of God we have made a lot of progress with our new building.  All the old peg board from the retail store has been removed and the walls have been either repaired or have new drywall.  New walls and stairway have been framed and we are beginning to drywall those as well.  The bathroom has been gutted and will soon be framed into two bathrooms.  The work is progressing!  Praise the Lord!


Stairway and walls are framed!