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A Great Finish To Missions Conference

Wow, what a great finish to we had to our Fishers of Men Missions Conference 2012!  On Saturday, October 13th, Goffstown had its annual Pumpkin Regatta.  For the last couple of years, Cornerstone Baptist ChuIMG_1362rch has hosted a booth at the Regatta.  To us, worldwide missions includes reaching out to our own community.  We had a great location on the town common for our booth this year.  We set up several carnival-like games for children to play complete with toy prizes to give away.  The parents and grandparents were thrilled to have something for their kids to do that was free!  It afforded us the opportunity to get our name out there and give away hundreds of church invitations.  Our missionaries had lots of fun working the booth, handing out tracts, and then just spending time enjoying the giant pumpkins and the Regatta.  We met many wonderful folks not only from Goffstown, but also the greater Manchester area.  It was a great way to get the Gospel out and to let people know there is a church in their community that cares!

When the Regatta was done and the booth packed up, we headed over to the church for our Missions Banquet, where our theme was International Soup and Sandwich Night!  Church folks prepared delicious soups and sandwiches frIMG_1363om around the world.  Everything was absolutely delicious!  After we ate, Josh Foote brought us a brief message from God’s Word to encourage us.  It was a great way to finish the day!



Goffstown Pumpkin Festival

This year we purposefully scheduled our missions conference to coincide with the Goffstown Pumpkin Festival.  By doing so it brought a reality to missions for each of our church folks.  We had the opportunity on the Saturday of conference to set up a booth in the center of town.  We chose to set up some games for the kids, complete with prizes that they could win.  We also had a coloring table set up where kids could color little

books we made that had a pumpkin/fall theme and the Gospel on the back that they could take home with them.  It turns out that we were one of the only booths that was giving things away instead of trying to raise money for an organization!  Hundreds of people came by and we were able to invite many to church and give out tracts.  Later in the afternoon there was a parade through the center of town.  We were able to decorate our

church van and march along side it in the parade.  We gave out candy with our church name and address on it, as well as tracts, to as many of the parade watchers as we could.  We had a great time and there was a welcome response from the community.  When all was said and done, we went back to the church for an International Hot Dog Supper.  It was awesome!  We had hot dogs fixed all kinds of ways to represent countries around the world.  Ron Cole of HELP Ministries brought a great Bible devotion to encourage us.  We all went home tired but happy in the Lord to have served Him with our day.